Right here, in the moor of Dahlen, far away from the big cities, there's a small village named Olganitz. On your way you will pass country lanes, rolling through fairy-tale like pinewoods, grainfields and abandoned street villages. Every year 3000 people gather here, in this East German bungalow holiday village to celebrate their passion for electronic music and their love for a party called Nachtdigital. This festival is special and somehow different from other festivals. It's not just a commercial techno rave, but rather an excessive musical get-together with friends. A weekend at the lake, with a rowboat and a rocking horse, a playground stuffed with oddities and a bouquet of excellent music. "Escape to Olganitz" tells the story, how in the middle of nowhere, in a place beyond the hype, this small island of happiness came into existence. It's a story about real friendship and a shared passion, a film about the small dreams and how to make them come true. This documentary is going to be loud and comforting, cheerful and intoxicating, pretty Saxon, personal and touching, exciting like a child's birthday party and as beautiful as the moment right before the bass drops.